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Visually beautiful and always made on the stunning background, the infinity pools are surely one of the most striking man-made pools creations. The infinity pool edge, also named as zero edge, negative degree, vanishing edge or disappearing edge, is the reflecting or swimming pool that produces the visual impact of water extending to a horizon, extending or vanishing to the “infinity”. These are often used as exotic and fancy resorts, special estates and in modern advertisements. The concept of the infinity pool design is said to have emerged in Bali city of Indonesia, where its design’s inspiration was directly taken from observing the dramatic impact produced by the ubiquitous terraced rice paddies, called sawah locally. This is also one of the reasons the island is famous for.

As far as style of the infinity pool is concerned, it is different from those of ordinary ones. The designers have to especially design the edges, lines and keep in mind the overall architecture of the home and the surrounding landscapes.

Our team of experienced pool builders are here to help design and build the infinity pool of your dreams. We also offer financing options that are flexible to help you have your own backyard paradise. 

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