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Small pools are an excellent addition to any small backyard in Houston and Millennium Custom Pools is the best pool designer and builder for the job.  While not as large as a traditional swimming pool, small pools still give you, your family and your guests a space to relax in a cool, refreshing pool.

Millennium Custom Pools are your go-to, experienced small pool designers, builders and installers in Houston.  We are dedicated to making your dream a reality. We offer superior customer service and years of experience fitting small pools into small spaces.

Why Choose A Small Pool?

A small pool is creatively designed to fit within the limitations of a small backyard space. They have all of the benefits of a regular sized pool – relaxation, beauty and fun – while creatively fitting where traditionally sized pools could never go.

An average small pool is about 14 feet by 10 feet making them the perfect size for a small backyard or tiny house.

Benefits of Small Pools

There are many benefits to small pools, including:

  • Flexible for all seasons
  • Easily heated
  • Easy maintenance
  • Beautiful water feature
  • Saves space
  • Less expensive

Types of Custom Pools

Millennium Custom Pools can turn virtually any type of pool we build into a small pool. 

  • Spool – combination spa and pool
  • Plunge pool – as deep as a swimming pool without taking as much space
  • Small infinity pool – made for the waterline to disappear into the horizon
  • Small salt water pool – chlorinate your small pool with salt water
  • Small gunite pool
  • Small freeform pools – not built to a particular geometric shape
  • Small geometric pools – simple and clean lines

While originally created for small spaces; the small pool trend is catching on. They are now installed in backyards of all sizes. They are the perfect solution for a large backyard where much of the space is already dedicated to another use.

Water Features of Small Pools

Many of the water features offered for a larger pool are still available for a small pool.  These include:

  • Fire and water bowls
  • Grottos
  • Pool scuppers and sheer descents
  • Waterfalls
  • Pool slide
  • Weeping waterfall
  • Laminar jets

Small Pool Installation Process

Installation of a small pool is simple. We begin with a 3-D pool design followed by a layout on the proposed site area. Next comes excavation, then steel and wood are used to form a foundation.

Next electrical and plumbing is installed for your small pool. This will either be followed by a gunite application or tile, masonry or stone installation. We complete the pool with decking and plaster, if appropriate. Finally, we provide every homeowner training on how to use the pool equipment and care for your new small pool.

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