Water features added to your custom pool complete the look and feel of the pool of your dreams. Millennium Custom Pools can install beautiful water features such as waterfalls, water spouts, and fountains. We can design waterfalls to come out of stone to create a natural look, or we can design clean edged cuts for falls or spouts to come out of.

Millennium Custom Pools will also install pool lights to correspond with your water features in order to create a nighttime backyard oasis. Contact us today to get started.

fire-and-water-bowlsFire & Water Bowls

Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks, and terraces, the inclusion of a Fire or Water Bowl in your outdoor entertaining area delivers the atmosphere of an open fire minus the mess, odor, sparks, and soot. Its natural color palette and the perfect blend of fire and stone make it an easy choice for pool surrounds and/or outdoor entertaining areas.




Caves and grottos are basically “super” waterfall features. They provide all the benefits of a waterfall (visual beauty and the calming sound of cascading water) but also add a large measure of fun and excitement to the feature, especially for children. With a generated mist settling over a cave, making everyday figures indistinct and mysterious, a young person’s imagination can fill in the details of a wild pirate adventure.


pool-scuppers-sheer-descentsPool Scuppers & Sheer Descents

A sheer descent or scupper is a straight, linear water feature that drops a clean sheet of water into your pool. These water features create a soothing water sound with an elegant, majestic look.





You have the choice of personalizing your pool or spa with various water features, such as waterfalls or fountains, which will not only enhance the overall look of your pool area but become a source of pool decor for your guests to see.



water-slidesPool Slides

Our custom pool water slides are designed to fit your overall pool design while offering hours of pool fun. Each water slide is crafted to fit your pool’s shape with colors and materials that complement your coping and pool deck.



weeping-waterfallWeeping Waterfall

Weeping walls, a type of waterfall, is one of our most popular water features. Weepers are where the water actually comes in-between the rocks and into the pool.  Weeping walls are made by having a row of moss rock boulders two to three rocks high, forming a wall around part of your pool. Weeping walls not only look nice but add a beautiful stunning sound to your backyard paradise.



laminar-jetsLaminar Jets

Laminar jets can add a visual effect to your swimming pool and they can shoot water up to 7 to 8 feet high, creating a smooth arc of water. With the help of fiberoptic lights, you can create a night time show. The jets of stream carry the colors of lights that also reflect in the pool water below.



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