luxury spa builder

Let’s talk about some of the great elements you see nowadays in luxury spa bathroom design. The luxury spa bathroom design also needs to complement the ambiance, or else whole ambiance will lose its appeal. Therefore, you need to keep in mind some of basic accessories in this regard, so as to include these at least, in your luxury spa bathrooms.

  • Trough Sinks
    A trough sink is usually configured in quite a different manner than the double sinks that we popular till 1980s. Since then, it was trendier in the areas to have two separate ones integrated into the same vanity.
  • Shower seats
    Previously, the showers had been designed for use by the people in an upright standing forms. After that, we have seen a newer and novel trend that is also likely to boom in 2016, is the shower seat.
  • Free standing Bathtubs
    These bathtubs are mostly found in luxury spa bathroom design, giving lots of flexibility and comfort. These can be fitted even inside the shower areas.

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