There is much charm in having your own pool in your home, but planning of new pool construction is harder if you are unaware of the product you exactly want. Think of various options and conditions before starting new pool construction by any provider. As far as the new pool construction is concerned, you will find a range of styles in the market, especially for in-ground pools.

New Pool Construction


Concrete pools are highly customized and can be constructed to virtually any shape or size. These kinds of pools are often called Shotcrete on Gunite pools since concrete is the abbreviation of a gun onto steel-reinforced walls. Concrete made pools are made smooth, finished and painted with a textured aggregate surface or sometimes tiled. It usually takes to around 3 to 12 weeks for concrete pool construction, however, it is the most durable and strongest kind of pool. In addition, you can also think of reshaping or redesigning your existing concrete pools with Millennium custom pool services.

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