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Swimming Pool Plastering

Millennium Pool Services is a pool contractor that specializes in pool plaster services in the Greater Houston, TX area. This includes pool renovations such as:

  • Diamond Brite
  • Jewelscape
  • Pebble Tec
  • Quartz Scapes
  • River Rok
  • White Plaster

With so many designs and different ways to build swimming pools nowadays, it can be very difficult to decide on what is best for you and your family. Everything from the size and the shape of the pool down to the type of aggregate swimming pool plaster, or finish that is applied can be customized and changed. That is why it is very important to understand what your options are and why you should choose one option over the other. We tell all our clients to do research before purchasing so that they are educated on the subject before throwing money at it. Hopefully the information on this page will help some people make a more educated decision when moving forward with your pool project in the future. While reading this, be sure to do your own research on aggregate swimming pool plaster.

The first thing to understand is there are a few different ways you can finish a pool surface, and there are truly only 3 different types of pools. There are gunite pools which are made up of a concrete mix called gunite. There are fiberglass pools which are made up of solid fiberglass. Lastly, there are vinyl liner pools which can be above ground or in-ground, and have a vinyl lining around the surface of the pool. Today we will be discussing gunite pool because they are the only pools that use aggregate swimming pool plaster.


SGM’s Diamondbrite aggregate swimming pool plaster is your standard, everyday plaster that more than 80% of pool owners currently have in their backyard. Just because this stuff is common, does not mean it is bland or boring. You will be able to choose from many different colors and styles of Diamondbrite so that you are sure to find the one that fits your personality and pool the best. Millennium Custom Pools loves using Diamondbrite aggregate swimming pool plaster because of the convenience and ease of application. Once it is applied, SGM also offers a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on their products! You can’t go wrong with this pool plaster! You can learn more about swimming pool plaster and resurfacing by visiting our website and going to the Pool Plastering and Resurfacing page underneath the Renovations section. You can also visit SGM’s page talking about Diamondbrite Pool Plaster for more info. (5 Year Limited Warranty)

Diamond Brite Pool Plaster Styles


Jewelscapes are another decorative aggregate swimming pool plaster that is sure to turn some heads next time you have company over to swim! Jewelscapes consist of glass beads that are inserted into the plaster that not only give it a great look but help make your pool sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight. Jewelscapes are an amazing product but tend to cost a bit more than your everyday aggregate swimming pool plaster. If you have the money, and you like the look, go with jewelscapes. You won’t regret it. Check out more info on jewelscapes at NPT Jewelscape Pool Finishes.

JewelScapes Pool Plaster Series


The aggregate pool finish that delivers enduring elegance and durability. It is a perfect choice for those desiring a more natural environment for their pool and spa. It offers a durable, non-slip and stain-resistant surface and it proudly offers five distinct textures of superior quality pool plaster finishes. PebbleTec, PebbleSheen, and PebbleFina offer a wide variety of stunning colors that blend beautifully into any outdoors.

PebbleTec Pool Plaster FinishesQUARTZ SCAPES

A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement, and mineral-based pigments, QuartzScapes merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool plaster finish. Natural quartz is one of the world’s strongest minerals and QuartzScapes interior pool plaster finishes create reliable beauty that will last for many years. (10 Year Limited Warranty)

QuartsScapes Pool Plaster Series


River Rok Finishes are factory blends of selected natural aggregates and polymer-modified Portland cement. This unique blend is ideal for new or existing submerged surfaces in gunite, shotcrete and concrete Swimming Pool, Spa, & Water Features.

Available in a variety of colors and textures, various hues and aggregate sizes are available to fit any design requirement. River Rok finishes are factory blended to provide the pool owner with an extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional white pool coatings.


Stonescapes are a special type of aggregate swimming pool plaster that give your pool a natural, woodsy look and feel. With small, smooth rocks inserted into the plaster, your pool will take on the look and feel of a riverbed or coastal lake area. These finishes are great if you are into the more natural look and it formulates surface system combines science and nature to create an exceptional finish. Stronger than conventional pool surfaces and easier to maintain, StoneScapes resists etching, stain and wear. (10 Year Limited Warranty)

StoneScape Pool Plaster Series


Traditional white plaster is the oldest and most common pool surface finish. It is a simple mixture of water, Portland cement, and marble dust or silica sand. Traditional white plaster gives pools a smooth, classic appearance and a popular choice despite the range of pool finishes that emerged over the years. White plaster is the most inexpensive pool finish option and typically last five to seven years before any signs of etching or chipping appear.

White plaster can also be mixed with colored pigments or dyes to give it dimension and stunning finish to the plaster. (1 Year Limited Warranty)

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