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It’s never too late to give your swimming pool a fresh new look and style. Renovating your pool will revitalize not only the pool itself but your entire property. Maybe you’re thinking about adding some luxury features, like a custom beach entry or an exotic waterslide. Or maybe more subtle changes and adjustments are needed to achieve your perfect swimming pool. Or perhaps your pool is just beginning to show signs of age, and you need to consider a pool remodel. Regardless of your reasoning, changing the look of your swimming pool will give it and everyone around it a renewed sense of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment.

At Millennium Custom Pools, we provide your pool with the remodeling services you need to make an impressive difference to your property. With experienced design consultants and affordable luxury upgrades, our pool renovation professionals can help you transform your old pool into the pool of your dreams. Make your vision a reality with the experts at Millennium Custom Pools!

Pool Renovation Possibilities


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5 basic questions you need to ask yourself to see if your pool needs a makeover?

• Is my pool more than 12 years old?
• Does my plaster have hair line cracks?
• Are my pool/spa tiles falling off?
• Is my pool decking separating from my swimming pool coping?
• Does my swimming pool keep losing water?

Every pool renovation job is unique in its requirements and must be treated with individual care. From our sales to our field staff and office personnel, quality and follow up are job one. Millennium Custom Pools believes in staying up-to-date. As new and improved processes and products become available, we strive to provide those products to our customers in a quality manner. With over 12 years of professional experience in commercial and residential pool construction, pool renovation, and pool restoration, we know pools, we know what looks good and what works, we know what it costs to get the job done properly and can work with any budget to give you the most value for your pool renovation project. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.



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